Licensed Instructor for:

Zumba®,  D2G SocaFit® Master Trainer, MixxedFit®


Licensed Instructor for:

Zumba®, Strong by Zumba®


Owner of Dance 2-Gather and Creator of D2G SocaFit®

Licensed Instructor for:

Zumba®, Zumba®Toning, Zumba®Kids, Zumba®Gold, Zumba®Sentao, Zumba®Step, Booiaka®, U-JAM® Fitness, BollyX, AFAA Group Fitness


Herbalife Health Coach


Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®, Zumba®, Zumba®Toning, Zumba®Kids, Zumba®Gold, Zumba®Sentao, Zumba®Step


Herbalife Health Coach


Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®, Zumba®, Zumba®Toning, AFAA Group Fitness


Herbalife Health Coach

mary D.

Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®, Zumba®, Zumba®Toning, Zumba®Step, AFAA Group Fitness


Herbalife Health Coach


Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®, Zumba®,  Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Step

Using Dance 2 Gather the Masses to be FIT!

Hi, I'm Mary. Proud mom of a bright and kind 17 yr old son and self-proclaimed happiness guru! I have a lengthy background as a fitness instructor but took far too many years off after having a child.

Fast-forward to 2012 and everything changed. I found D2G, re-ignited my passion for fitness starting with Zumba® and together with my fellow instructors, changed my nutrition for the better. I can now proudly say I've never been more fit or felt better in my life, so my goal is to do whatever I can to help you feel great and be happier than ever. D2G has become family, l truly look forward to every class I teach or take.

HI!  The love of dance and the need to be in shape urged me to create a place that everyone could come and share the same passions and needs to be healthy in a FUN way. I danced with Cleo Parker Robinson and Karen Lee International in the past and even took youth to International Dance Challenges winning Platinum and Gold honors.

I am a wife and mother of 3 young children where I found life caught up to my waistline keeping me at an obese level for half my life.  It wasn't until I found Zumba® and realized how truly happy I was dancing again urging me to want to change my health.  With dance fitness and proper nutrition I was able to lose over 120 lbs.

I am heavily influenced by both my mothers Southern and R&B roots along with my fathers Trinidadian, Soca and Calypso (Caribbean) flavor.  Every piece of me I love to share with everyone that enters my class.  I can't wait to share all that I am with YOU!


Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®, Zumba®

Hi, My name (known to many at D2G) is Manos.

I have a very limited background in dance fitness, but at a young age had some experience with Mexican Folklore Dance and believe it or not, some Square Dancing.

Having an amazing wife, which as many may know is the owner of D2G, has given me inspiration to not only enjoy the fun she and others have, but to also stay healthy by participating.  I never thought I'd become an instructor, but once I became a licensed instructor, that was it.  Since then, I have lost weight, made friends, helped inspire others and most importantly, having fun doing all this.  D2G has an AWESOME CREW, so if you can't join me, please check out the other instructors.
If I could do this, anybody can!


Licensed Instructor for:

D2G SocaFit®

Hi I am Sarina!
I have been trained in a variety of dance styles and rhythms which creates a fun atmosphere during my Zumba® classes as well as my ZIN™ Jam Sessions.
I have been a dance instructor for over 15 years in Colorado and California. I have also choreographed many award winning group dances, as well as taking the stage in dancing, singing, and acting performances.
After I had my daughter three years ago (third kiddo), I went to Zumba® 3-4 times a week and slowly started to see a change. Today I have lost a total of 100 lbs. from a healthy diet and Zumba®!!
After becoming a Zumba® instructor to inspire others I want to show people that anything is possible!
With a great positive attitude and a smile, you can make your dreams come true!

Hi, I am Krista Keller and I have been part of the D2G crew for over 3 years. I started dancing at age 3, and have been hooked ever since! I grew up dancing at studios near Centennial, CO and I was also a dancer on my high school Poms Squad for 4 years. I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and was also part of the CU Express Dance Team. After graduating college I was at a loss of what I would do without dance in my life.
Along came Zumba®! I took my first Zumba class in February of 2009 and was so excited that I became licensed to teach Zumba two months later. I was hired as a Group X instructor with 24 Hour Fitness in May 2009 and have been teaching Zumba since then. I met Erica at a Zumba class in January 2010, and we’ve been combining Zumba forces ever since! I was very honored and excited to become an instructor at D2G when the studio opened in 2011.

I believe that my lifelong love of dance and combined with overall enjoyment of fitness translates into every class I teach. I am so happy to be able to share my passion with others. Being an instructor with D2G is the perfect way to share the love of Fitness and Dance. I look forward to shakin’ it with you on the dance floor.