Using Dance 2 Gather the Masses to be FIT!
Program Overview
The Dance 2-Gather Apprentice Program is designed to propel the careers of new instructors.  Providing guidance, creating opportunities and mentorship.  

This program will take new talent and expose them to different public teaching opportunities which will help to further their skills and credibility.  
After showcasing these new talents, they become part of the D2G subbing list where they are called upon first when in need by permanent instructors.  As D2G grows, and opportunities arise, they are the first to be considered in a permanent teaching role.  
Since these members will be representing D2G in some way, they are required to have a certain level of skill that matches the enthusiasm and passion of D2G.

All are welcomed to apply and are placed in 1 of the three levels of the program
Level 1
  • These individuals are very new to the game and require coaching and mentoring on how to build the right playlist, queuing techniques and overall performance ability

Level 2

  • These individuals have worked on their craft and have built a basic 1 hour playlist.  They are ready to begin subbing for immediate opportunities that come up for D2G and are working towards obtaining B2 license from Zumba® or have some experience in the program they are licensed in.

Level 3

  • These individuals have subbed and perfected their craft and are ready to take on their own class.  They have received their B2 License and are working on their specialty

Each instructor entered into the program is required to have a Basic Level 1 Certification issued by Zumba® Fitness or the Basic Level of other dance fitness programs such as D2G SocaFit, Booiaka, Nia, UJAM etc.  Also must be an active SOFI or ZIN® member to continue with the program thereafter.  
This program is in no way to replace other D2G SocaFit or Zumba® trainings or sessions such as SocaSessions or ZIN® Jams.  These trainings and sessions are highly encouraged by D2G for the members to take advantage of in order to further their career and skills.
End goal is for these members to be a permanent fixture in the D2G family (we hate to use the term “staff”)

How to Apply
Open calls will be held by D2G and announced here on their website and Facebook page 2 weeks in advanced.  Instructors that attend the auditions will be given an application form and are expected to be on time.
Open Calls
On the day of open call, the instructors are taken through a series of instruction tips by Erica.  They are then required to demonstrate those basic skills in front of the participants.  
*Everyone that applies will be placed into a level (see above for details)
After admittance into the program, D2G will allow these members a chance to lead an hour class by themselves or with other Apprentice members on designated days and times.
D2G will advertise and promote this rising star as such to give exposure and draw in large crowd on their behalf.
Prior to showcasing them, member will meet with Erica to go over songs that they will be leading solo and together with Erica.
Subbing and Events
The information filled out in the application contains schedule availability. this is kept on hand for any subbing opportunities.  All D2G instructors will be exposed to this information and will call on the members of the apprentice program for help when needed. 
Each member is required to have a full playlist ready just in case they receive the call to stand in.  You will be paid for the class based on full time instructor’s usual pay for that class.
When asked to sub and is accepted, the member must show up to studio 30 minutes in advanced of class time to open up and begin to greet customers.
If there is no admin on site, member is expected to deal with sign in responsibilities.
D2G may also call upon their apprentice members for special events for further exposure and experience.
Continued Education
To be top of the game, members are expected to continue their education through such programs as receiving their Level 2 License and specialty trainings such as Zumba
® Kids and Zumba® Toning and other Dance Fitness programs such as Booiaka and UJAM.  
This will also help to gain further opportunities into becoming a permanent instructor at D2G and other Fitness establishments.